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W is for Weekend

E is for Enjoyment

This morning I had a telephone conversation regarding the props behind the crafty door book props donated to an early years foundation stage (EYFS) setting, last week. I was informed the props were used yesterday during story time.
The children handled the book props and were very engaged, interested and happy through out. This makes me feel fantastic to know that I have somehow contributed to their education and again, more importantly, their enjoyment and hopefully a love for books.

First set in its new home...

The first set of props with key ring have now been re-homed! A local early years foundation stage setting are the new owners. The props were donated yesterday and will be placed on display ready for the children to start using sometime next week. I am chuffed beyond words.
It's a lovely feeling to know that behind the crafty door book props has contributed to the wonderful world of books and reading in some way. 
As soon as the review for the props has been provided I shall most certainly be posting it. Again, I am chuffed beyond words. I have had verbal feedback already and delighted with what's been expressed to me.

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