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Three more down, two to go!

behind the crafty door book props is now only two props away from completing the intended set. As a crafter, this is a massive achievement for many reasons. 

First and foremost, the enjoyment throughout has been never ending. I have loved every single second on knitting and crocheting all the props to date.

Secondly, watching the bag of props fill up, knowing little hands will take it over in the very near future is 100% job satisfaction. 

Thirdly, the thought of future generations developing a love for books is huge in itself is reassuring, especially as we live in a techno climate and it's almost alien to children to not be in 'the know' when it comes to the world of iPads, laptops, consoles, the internet and all that techno language! Of course this is amazing too!

Lastly, (although the list could very well be likened to a scroll of reasons!) creating my own prop designs has been a huge learning experience - not all have worked and I've come close to tears as I've wanted to get it so right - I got there in the end everytime and hope to do so everytime in the future cos it;s going to occur time and time again!

So, here are the three props down and the two to go will follow shortly. And then there will be one big The Very Hungry Caterpillar book prop set post from behind the crafty door book props to written... 

Five oranges!

Three plums!

One sausage!