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Getting back to it!

These past two weeks has been a time spent decorating the hallway/entrance to my flat. It's the first time redoing this little safe haven I call home since moving in last November. 

I've not been able to start the redecorating due to some vital works and repairs needing doing and wanting to just see how the place fairs during the winter months. And now I know and can finally tag my stamp in every room!

So, the putting away most things crafty was a must so that the pulling up of soft flooring, painting, laying hard flooring, hammering, sticking, pulling up nails, adding those handmade homely touches and the sewing machine being put to use became top of the daily tasks... Well after the paid job side of life and home educating my youngest. 

It's been hard work, with help from my sister in regards to painting the walls while having a beer and listening to some tunes on a very sunny Friday afternoon to ease the pains and strains! (Friday before Good Friday). All worth the time, aches, sweat, smell of paint stuck under the nasal hair and the red marks from scraping the paint stained skin as it looks lovely now - all fresh, clean lines and so my design.

I've created a gallery along the longest wall - a stick on tree with birds randomly placed among framed family photos dating back 5 generations so far! I just have two doors to paint, more frames for the photos to purchase and put up and I'm wanting a canvas or two with inspirational quotes and then it's done. I'll create the canvas quotes myself too - just need to search for apt ones from one of the many philosophers been, gone or present.

Then it's the kitchen next!

But, tonight, I can return to begin completing those final two book props for The Very Hungry Caterpillar - I cannot wait. Missed those knitting needles and crochet hooks!

Watch this space for when they're done, photographed and posted...

Bye for now,