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Proppin' along!

Today has been a rather productive day even if I say so myself, despite returning to the day job after 11 straight days off! I am delighted that I managed to complete the very first caterpillar key ring that will be placed on The Very Hungry Caterpillar book prop bag. I love it! Here's hoping it it the very first of very many book prop bags.

I also placed two online orders - one for more yarn to complete this first set of book props and the other for two The Very Hungry Caterpillar paperback books. These two books will become part of two gift sets that will be accompanied by a caterpillar (the same larger one of the two caterpillars for the book prop bags). 

I'm hoping to either create a bag for the gift set or more preferably now I've thought about it, a gift box - the type of box with a window lid. I think the latter may be more economically and environmentally the better option in addition to looking more pleasing to the eye.

I have to finish this post with some super news…

Back to the props

Now a made to order crochet blanket has been completed for behind the craft door, the book props side to life can continue to move forward. Hence, three more book props created since Saturday evening for The Very Hungry Caterpillar story.

Another review to share

So, so happy!

A review to share

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Chuffed to bits!

A couple of weeks ago I requested to join mumsnet bloggers network to register this blog. I didn't hear anything back so attempted to retry! A message flashed up stating this blog's URL was invalid. I wasn't sure why.

I thought it wise to email them and attach one of their widgets to the blog sidebar as I wasn't certain whether that was necessary like some blogging networks when requesting to join their network.

Well this afternoon I received an email back welcoming me to their network. Woo-hoo!! How chuffed was I? I also proceeded to join as a mumsnet member (optional) and hey presto my blog can now be found on their bloggers network! I hope it brings more traffic this way. As for the widget I placed on the blog sidebar yesterday, I've just replaced it with the 'I'm a member of the mumsnet bloggers network'...

Like this post heading states, 'chuffed to bits!' 


Oh, the joys of Blogging!

Today I set out to customise this blog. I got through the morning jobs (part time day job and household chores), was fed and watered before settling down with laptop in hand and ideas in mind.
I must have spent an hour and half on customising the blog with its new template that looked as close to a magazine style as I could possibly create. All seemed to be going to plan, when it dawned on me the comments link could not be opened.
Furthermore and much to my horror, all the comments to the posts I had already received and replied to had disappeared! I attempted to restore the original template in the hope the comments would return. The laptop said no! 
I felt sick, cried and felt so upset. I felt like quitting. I contemplated deleting the blog. All the hours I had put into it over the past few weeks since starting it up gutted me. I could have spent the time crafting. Well that's what I kept telling myself. And then the defiant, determined, I'm no quitter side to me kicked in!

Tutorial Time! - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - A Book Prop

How to knit a newly hatched caterpillar book prop

What you need: Red DK yarn Two different shades of green DK yarn (preferably a dark and a lighter green DK yarn) Light blue DK yarn Yellow yarn Toy filling 3.25mm (UK) knitting needles 2.75mm (UK) knitting needles Darning needle Sewing scissors
Caterpillar head Using red DK yarn with 3.25mm (UK) needles, cast on 4 stitches Row 1: knit into front and back of each stitch (8 stitches) Row 2: knit Row 3: knit into front and back of each stitch (16 stitches) Row 4: knit Row 5: knit into front and back of each stitch (32 stitches) Rows 7-17: knit Row 18: k2tog across (16 stitches) Row 19: knit Row 20: k2tog across (8 stitches) Row 21: knit Row 22: k2tog across (4 stitches)
Thread yarn through 4 remaining stitches, cut with sewing scissors, leaving a long strand for seaming Seam, leaving opening for filling Add filling Seam to close opening Shape
Caterpillar body requires 6 (3x dark green DK yarn, 3x lighter green DK yarn) Using green DK yarn with 2.75mm (UK) needles, cas…

POLL winner announced!

Drum Roll.......!!

And the winner is........!!

And so the research begins - looking forward to seeing where this story takes the props. During researching it and getting some other ideas jotted down (- one idea including a little crafts event in my home around mid autumn of this year -) I shall be finishing the first set of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book props.

GIVEAWAY winner announced!

This little gecko bookmark will be making its way from London to the Philippines tomorrow, after the winner of the GIVEAWAY to celebrate 20 YEARS of World Book Day 2017 was announced last Friday evening.

The gecko's new owner was not expecting to win and heard via video on shortly after closing the GIVEAWAY. Unfortunately, the video cannot be uploaded to this post as the file was apparently too large! Nonetheless, the winner is a very happy young lady.

If readers would like to own a gecko bookmark like the one displayed, feel free to message your request on . Alternatively use the Contact Form on the blog sidebar or email: . Buyers can chose their preferred colour of gecko for that custom made service.

Looking for the next set of Book Props

I have been running a poll over on the Internationally known story book props for children Facebook group . Voting is for the next set of book props that behind the crafty door will be creating for its portfolio. The poll has been running for a week now and has 3 days to go before closing. Do feel free to pop by to cast your vote by clicking on the above link :-)

Before creating the poll I posted to the group asking members for their suggestions by leaving book titles in the comments. Four or five book titles would be enough to create the poll. We ended up with six. I was so pleased.

So, the poll was created and the six titles to vote for are Dear Zoo, The Gruffalo, Town Mouse and Country Mouse, The Christmas Unicorn, The Gigantic Turnip and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

So far Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is out in front. 

I will need to research this well known children's classic before even commencing with any pattern planning or tweaking any…