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A day in the life of the real edible book prop...

Today is Shrove Tuesday AKA Pancake Day! Yay!!

There is also an internationally known children's story titled The Big Pancake. I know as a child I loved most of the Ladybird books that were read on the classroom's reading carpet or ones I chose to read to myself and have indeed collected since becoming a grown up! The above mentioned story was always a winner for me. So, with pancakes being prepared, treated like a work of art and mostly eaten around the world today, I thought it apt to bring them here too... 

...In real life! Although, I almost forgot to pick up some vital ingredients this morning - oh how my day would have been stained with tears if I had not remembered! Thank goodness I got my act together just in time! Phew!! 

A few ingredients required!

The first one on the go!

My daughter's preferred way of eating pancakes!

No chance of this pancake doing a runner out of the door!

I still prefer the traditional way of serving pancakes - freshly squeezed lemon and a sprinkling of sugar before being rolled. And of course then scoffed like they're going out of fashion!
As you can see there was none of this occurring in our kitchen!

Happy Shrove Tuesday - tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - the first day of Lent - I am giving up chocolate this year! I can feel my body's disappointment already! Although, I will be reunited with chocolate again 6 days before the end of Lent as I will not allow myself to eat it on Sundays. I don't think it would go back to chocolate free days on any of the Mondays and the days that follow.