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A little photo of the girl behind this blog!

Some DIY completed in my home this morning - the bookshelf looks great. My books will be added tomorrow...

Another review for behind the crafty door

To share, to connect, to create, to inspire...

As with any blog, they take a good amount of time to develop and then establish, including gaining readers and followers to it. 

This blog so happens to be my second one - the first commenced back in 2007 and ended less than a couple of years ago. However, the odd post is still written for the purpose to update any regular readers it gained and of course continuing to be a type of written album for my family to look back on.

The blog topic was not of a craft type, with a business element like this one. Its purpose regards education - to elaborate, it is based on home education. So, like I said a completely different blog to this one. It charted all things daily in the lives of my daughter and I, as a home educating family - from days out to days in, from weekends away to weekends working an allotment. From books, clubs, cinema trips, museums to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthdays. From milestones, achievements, successes to what wasn't working and of course some tears and …

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My Etsy shop has now OPENED! 

I am so pleased the first set of props are on sale.

Please pop on by to follow, like a product or products, message and/or indeed purchase quality handmade and with love items that will educate young minds in a fun, educational and tactile way.

Dealing with bereavement

This post is both a sad one with the loss of my Grandfather yet brings a time of reflection and memories over the past 46 years! This family death was followed by an idea to create props to accompany a children's book on grief and loss of a loved one.

After some light research, I think I have found the one I wish to explore further, with props already in mind. I do have to order the book for a fuller look as I am unable to access it online. 

Any feedback on the actual story would be greatly received - the reviews I have read thus far have been positive and heartwarming.


After mulling over whether to apply Adsense to this crafty blog, my decision was to go with it. The adverts look great and change so not static at all - they range from craft sites such as, 'Love Knitting' to household goods sites and for those personal needs sites such as, 'Direct Line' for insurance, footwear from 'Birkenstock' and all things pamper time such as, The Body Shop.

So, familiar sites we know, love, want and need - the adverts will be placed amongst the posts and on the sidebar - feel free to pop by to check out any special offers, freebies, discounts, quotes, new collections and so forth. I will gain revenue too for page views and any clicks made on the adverts. So, y'all will be helping me to earn a wee extra pocket money from time to time.

Don't forget to check out behind the crafty door book props too! Posts that update, exhibit props, displays offers and discounts and connects with our sister site behind the crafty door. All page links …

behind the crafty door, behind the crafty door book props


Over this weekend, good news regarding the very first props was shared with me. I posted not too long ago that I donated the first complete set to an early years childcare setting.

I was informed that photos of the props have been included in the childcare setting's news letter, including web page and will also be placed on their website. 

How amazing is that?

I am over the moon! I shall also receive a copy of the news letter and will most definitely be framing it. I shall also share it here! And on all the social network sites I use to promote behind the crafty door book props.

Thank you


It's ***GIVEAWAY*** time again over on our sister page Please read 'pinned' post for details on how you could be in with a chance of owning this lovely sunflower style drinks coaster - Good Luck to all those who enter!

(Drinks coaster ONLY)

Frogger on Blogger!

Looking forward to seeing the finished result once I've purchased more bags of filling...

Made in Chelsea...

If any of you lovely readers out there watch 'Made in Chelsea'will know who Binky and JP are and that a new program aired on E4, here in the UK last night - 'Born in Chelsea'. A one off show featuring the end of Binky's pregnancy and the wonderful relationship between Binky and JP after a rockyish start inclusive of on/off together times.
I have to state without feeling embarrassed that the show last night brought tears to my eyes at several points, especially when their beautiful daughter was born. The family of three looked adorable and very much in love. 

As a viewer of MIC and Binky being my favourite, I took to Twitter  - I do not have a personal day to day page, but one in relation to behind the crafty door book props (btcdbookprops) . I used it to reply to my daughter's tweet...

Here is part of that tweet's reply - see if you can spot two of the likers of that reply....

I guess it's safe to say I was chuffed to bits…

'Hollow Legs!'

I'm loving the way the giraffe is turning out - I have used up all my filling now with various projects on the go. Therefore, a trip to the local craft store is a must - an excuse to buy more yarn too!!

Needle and yarn!

Just the making up required! Needle and yarn.... oh and a cup of tea to sip on while the sewing takes place...


Thank you so much to More2childcare for such a fabulous review. I shall look forward to any future creations of book props for the children. I'm so pleased for them with their reaction to the props and for this review. Absolutely chuffed to bits!

A new story started!

Dear Zoo book propping has also commenced...

Crafty organising!

Today's craftiness for props took all morning with turning organised chaos to organiser! 

The pics will explain all .... 

Dear Zoo

Now that I have remade another set of props for my own kit, I have commenced with the props for Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. The elephant is the first of the animals for this story, so the one I have started with too - a knitted version. 

To date, the elephant is still in the knitting parts stage. Although, it will not be long before the pieces are stitched together and stuffed. I can't wait to see how it turns out. But, for now, a couple of 'in the parts stage' pics to browse through...

W is for Weekend

E is for Enjoyment

This morning I had a telephone conversation regarding the props behind the crafty door book props donated to an early years foundation stage (EYFS) setting, last week. I was informed the props were used yesterday during story time.
The children handled the book props and were very engaged, interested and happy through out. This makes me feel fantastic to know that I have somehow contributed to their education and again, more importantly, their enjoyment and hopefully a love for books.

First set in its new home...

The first set of props with key ring have now been re-homed! A local early years foundation stage setting are the new owners. The props were donated yesterday and will be placed on display ready for the children to start using sometime next week. I am chuffed beyond words.
It's a lovely feeling to know that behind the crafty door book props has contributed to the wonderful world of books and reading in some way. 
As soon as the review for the props has been provided I shall most certainly be posting it. Again, I am chuffed beyond words. I have had verbal feedback already and delighted with what's been expressed to me.

Tweaks, YouTube, FB and Twitter!




behind the crafty door's very first completed props are now bagged! It's a very pleasing and satisfying feeling - rather emotional too. So, here are the final pics forthem...

Getting back to it!

These past two weeks has been a time spent decorating the hallway/entrance to my flat. It's the first time redoing this little safe haven I call home since moving in last November. 
I've not been able to start the redecorating due to some vital works and repairs needing doing and wanting to just see how the place fairs during the winter months. And now I know and can finally tag my stamp in every room!
So, the putting away most things crafty was a must so that the pulling up of soft flooring, painting, laying hard flooring, hammering, sticking, pulling up nails, adding those handmade homely touches and the sewing machine being put to use became top of the daily tasks... Well after the paid job side of life and home educating my youngest. 
It's been hard work, with help from my sister in regards to painting the walls while having a beer and listening to some tunes on a very sunny Friday afternoon to ease the pains and strains! (Friday before Good Friday). All worth the time, a…

behind the crafty door's latest review to share!

Over the moon happy!

Three more down, two to go!

behind the crafty door book props is now only two props away from completing the intended set. As a crafter, this is a massive achievement for many reasons. 
First and foremost, the enjoyment throughout has been never ending. I have loved every single second on knitting and crocheting all the props to date.
Secondly, watching the bag of props fill up, knowing little hands will take it over in the very near future is 100% job satisfaction. 
Thirdly, the thought of future generations developing a love for books is huge in itself is reassuring, especially as we live in a techno climate and it's almost alien to children to not be in 'the know' when it comes to the world of iPads, laptops, consoles, the internet and all that techno language! Of course this is amazing too!
Lastly, (although the list could very well be likened to a scroll of reasons!) creating my own prop designs has been a huge learning experience - not all have worked and I've come close to tears as I've wa…